"After only four days with Robert, I feel I have gotten my life back.   I'm free of the anxiety I constantly felt, and am excited about life!   I'm in charge of my life now... What a wonderful feeling!"       Cassi G., Moses Lake, WA       "Robert and Glei, you are truly inspirations for others.   You offer a different kind of option for living life."       Kathy K., Ocean City, MD       "Just a note while nearing my ONE YEAR mark of the rest of my life, anxiety-free!   My life is so full and rich, it's staggering at times.   Greatfulness abounds!"      Anita P., Minneapolis, MN       "Robert is to me what Phil Jackson is to the Lakers...   In seven short sessions, I eliminated literally twenty-plus years of anxiety and self-doubt."      Michael S., Marina Del Rey, CA       "I thank you, Robert Mantell, ever so much for all that you've done for me, my life and my sense of being."       Kelly R., Ocala, FL        "The past 5 years plagued my life with an array of antidepressants and alcohol, progressing to mental hospitals and a long list of therapists and group sessions.   I was so ready for this last chance to kick 'King Alcohol' out my life when a friend introduced me to Robert Mantell.   In one day this man saved my life..."       LaDonna O., Reno, NV        "The pain I was feeling in my life experience disappeared when Robert and Glei helped me reclaim my ability to take charge of my beliefs, feelings and actions in my life...    A special thanks to Robert and Glei for great direction and friendship."       Chris F., Detroit, MI       "You are a man of character, but more importantly you are a man driven by the truest and kindest intentions of your heart.   Thank you for touching my life... "       Gabby F., Vancouver, WA       "It doesn't seem possible, but in just six days you gave me the tools to overcome my problem and change my life!   Nothing else I have tried, from medication to therapy works... but this does.   I wish I had found you a long time ago.   Thank you!"      Jillian S., Dana Point, CA       "Thank you so much for giving me my son back.   To tell the truth, I have never seen Jonathan more relaxed, self-confident, fun-loving, involved, and connected with life.   You have shown him how to break the shell of darkness that enveloped him.   Now he shines like a radiant new sun!"      Carolyn D., Paradise, CA      
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BASED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, BrightLife Phobia & Anxiety Release Center specializes in coaching clients toward rapid, permanent, 100% drug-free eradication of phobias, panic attacks and agoraphobia, specific and generalized anxieties (including social phobia and social anxiety), post traumatic stress (PTSD), emetophobia, obsessive-compulsive behaviors (OCD) including bulimia and trichotillomania, as well as insomnia and persistent nightmares. On average, just three 2-hour Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions over the course of about a week as part of our acclaimed 90-Day Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching programô are required to help you achieve substantial or complete relief from your phobias, anxiety or post-traumatic stress (PTSD)*

We're not therapists. Or counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists. Like many who call for our assistance, our guess is, you've been there and done that — you've tried conventional therapy, you've spent time and perhaps a great deal of money at one or more therapeutic treatment centers — and you continue to find yourself in the same unbearably painful position you were in before.

If all that hasn't worked, perhaps
it's time to consider something else —
a brand new, powerful approach
unlike anything you've tried before.

It's time for BrightLife.

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At BrightLife, we offer a stunningly effective alternative to traditional mental health services for anxiety and anxiety-related problems. We employ state-of-the-art Accelerated Personal Change Technology™ designed to assist you in achieving complete and permanent relief from what may have been, for you, a lifelong affliction of constant fear, worry, anxiety and uncertainty.

Our work is so effective, we have been featured on numerous local, national and even international print, radio and television, including our appearances in the Montreal Gazette, KNX 1070 NewsRadio in Los Angeles, Esquire Magazine, as well as the Discovery Health Channel's six-part television series, Things That Go Bump: Facing Our Fears. On that program, BrightLife Co-Founder Robert Mantell assisted a client to eliminate an intense twenty-year phobia in just 15 minutes! See the video here!

Our clients are wonderful individuals from all walks of life — white and blue collar workers, homemakers and home builders, teachers and students, doctors and lawyers, actors, professional athletes, musicians and corporate executives. Anyone at all can be a victim of anxiety-related problems, and anyone at all can achieve total and complete relief from anxiety as a result of participating in our program.

Let's face it — chances are, the reason you've landed here at this website is because you have a problem with anxiety. But there's no such thing as anxiety without an accompanying context. One feels anxious in relation to something — some time, situation, place or circumstance, or some thing.

Yet, how does one know how to feel about anything — especially when it comes to anxiety — without mentally "stepping into" the experience first? That is to say, in order for the brain to know how to feel about anything that's not happening right now, one must first bring up the mental record of a past event (in the form of a memory) or an imagination of what may happen in the future.

Since the past is totally gone now, and since the future hasn't happened yet, the only way you could know how to feel about those events is based on how you construct your imagination of, or think about those events while right here in the present. Quite simply, when you change how you construct your imaginations of past or future events, you can't possibly feel the same way (i.e. anxious) about them anymore.

Not everybody responds to the same set of circumstances in the same way. You've heard the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." It's true! Different people tend to respond to the exact same situation quite differently. Some people might respond quite resourcefully to the same kinds of situations that virtually always trouble you, and you might find yourself responding quite resourcefully to situations that trouble many others.

How is this possible? It's possible because it's not the thing or the object out there that makes or compels you to feel one way or another about it — it's the decisions you make (totally unconsciously, by the way!) about what that thing means out there means in relation to you that determines how you respond to it emotionally. That is to say, how you represent the given situation to yourself determines how you feel about it. It follows simply, therefore, that when you change how you think about whatever it is you've been fearing, you can't possibly respond to it the same way anymore!

In most forms of traditional psychotherapy, your well-meaning therapist does his or her best to help you to think differently about the fearful situation by trying to talk some "sense" into you — either by offering insight into how your past experiences came together to create your present-day challenge, or by trying to convince you how "irrational" your fears are, or both. For some, this approach can be effective. For most, it's a repetition of information the client already knows all too well, and has tried valiantly to change in the past with little or no success. The fact is, insight — in and of itself — is rarely curative.

What do we do differently? Why do people come from all over the world to seek our help?

Rather than trying to talk you out of it by offering rational explanations for why you "really don't have to feel this way", etc., etc., we bypass all of that and go right for how you unconsciously represent the fearful situation to yourself. This is called your subjective experience.

The good news is that subjective experience actually has a mental structure that's responsible for how you experience it — the same way a creation of a chocolate cake has a structure (called a recipe — the actual ingredients used, how much of those ingredients you use, and the order in which you combine those ingredients) that's responsible for the end result when you put it all together.

Just like a cake recipe, when you change any element of how you organize your "mental recipe", you can't help but get a different result this time. And this is almost always something that can be completed and changed within just a matter of minutes, days or weeks — not months or years, as is all too often the case in standard forms of psychotherapy.

Put simply, our job is to discover your "mental recipe" for how you've been unconsciously creating your fear, anxiety or panic, and once identified, we'll assist you in quickly and completely reorganizing it, so you just can't get the fear back — no matter how hard you try.

Sound too good to be true? Then check out these powerful testimonials!

You CAN be completely free of your fears, phobias and anxieties... Call now TOLL-FREE for your FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION: (866) LIFE-NOW.

Or feel free to contact us by email by clicking HERE.


Any and all services provided by BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center, in addition to those of its parent corporation, BrightLife Coaching, Consulting & Training Services, Inc., are not traditional mental health counseling or therapy services, and are considered an alternative source of support for you to obtain information, advice, coaching and other forms of behavioral guidance from a highly experienced and fully certified Life Skills Coaching Professional. All helping relationships, including personal and life coaching, must be recognized as a partnership necessitating full and complete cooperation between client and coach, and requires an acceptance of shared responsibility on the part of all involved.

Direct crisis intervention is not provided by BrightLife, Inc. or BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center. If you are in crisis, having suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please stop what you are doing and pick up the telephone, and dial 911 now, or 1 (800) SUICIDE for immediate assistance.

By maintaining contact with this website, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions of Use. Please visit and familiarize yourself with our formal Terms and Condition of Use and Legal Disclaimer notice.

BrightLife Phobia and Anxiety Release Center has been awarded the prestigious "A+ Rating" for outstanding Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction by the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles and The Silicon Valley!
BrightLife's Co-Founder and Executive Director Robert Mantell is a member in good standing of the American Counseling Association (Membership #06162446).
BrightLife's Co-Founder and Executive Director Robert Mantell is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.
BrightLife's Co-Founder and Executive Director Robert Mantell is a member of the National Center for Crisis Management.
CCA Logo BrightLife's Co-Founder and Executive Director Robert Mantell is a member of the California Counseling Association.
BrightLife's Co-Founder and Executive Director Robert Mantell is a member of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.

*Individual results may vary.

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